Portable Desktop Microphone Stand MDS-5 With Pop-Filter

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Portable Microphone Stand MDS-5:

The S-113 Microphone Stand is a compact/portable microphone stand that you can carry anywhere you go. Ideal for internet chats, video conference calls/meetings, radio stations, YouTubers, or even a small recording studio. Suitable for microphones with a 1.18″(30mm) diameter or less. It comes with a double-sided net pop filter that cleans and delivers high quality audio.

Main Features:

* Adjustable Microphone Angle
* Double-Sided Net Pop-Filter (Noise Reducer and Quality Enhancement)
* Rubber Rings are tied together to secure the microphone tightly.
* Super lightweight, foldable and portable Design
* Microphone NOT Included


Additional Information:

* Plastic Body
* Stainless Steel Legs
* Anti-Slip Rubber Feet
* Detachable design for easy storage and transport
* The microphone holder is up and down adjustable

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