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Direct from factory, direct to you

Many first time customers ask us “How come your products are so cheap? Are they real?”. Yes, they are real products. This low price is possible because we concentrate our resources on the product itself and make every effort to eliminate unnecessary costs. We’ll give you some of the secrets. Let’s take our patch cables for an example.

1. You will receive our patch cable in a plain sealed polly bag with a simple label. We do not use fancy looking clamshell packaging that goes to trash can as soon as opened. Here’s an elimination of packaging cost (design, material and manufacturing cost of clamshell). We have many professional networking installers among our customers. They support our simple packaging method.

2. Because we eliminate bulky clamshell packaging, we can put 5 to 10 times more products in an ocean vessel container. Here’s another big saving on freight cost.

3. We do not use trading company. We have our own purchasing teams in Taiwan and China. They are shopping around for products all year around to offer you the best value products possible. They directly go to factory assembly line to inspect products on each shipment. Here’s another elimination of middle-man cost.

We forward all these savings to you. It’s that simple. Most of our products are imported directly from manufacturers overseas. Our Ethernet patch cables and network connectivity products are manufactured by our own factories under strict standards compliance and quality control. We cut all indirect costs. More importantly, you will receive the same products with the same high quality from shipment to shipment. Consistency is our strength. That is the reason why BestLink Netware networking products are highly trusted by network installers who need to get the job done right all the time. Our products are available directly to consumers, resellers, and manufacturers.

Growth through customer satisfaction

We know we can grow only by making our customers happy. Since its inception, BestLink Netware has always put top priority on customer satisfaction, and our successful expansion now includes thousands of networking products, PC cables and accessories, audio cables and accessories, security products, and other accessories. BestLink Netware is successful because we care about our customer’s business first, and customers support our business practice.

Custom solution

Since 1983, our manufacturers have been providing quality networking/ connectivity and power cord solutions to leading distributors and manufacturers. We can meet your design needs with competitive price. Our manufacturers strictly comply with product standards and regulations, such as 3P, UL, or RoHS. Not only just product quality assurance, all our factories are operated under compliance of ethical standards and labor/health laws required by many US major companies.

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